Why counseling?

Are you feeling sad, angry or overwhelmed by circumstances in your life or inter-personal relationships? Everyone goes through rough patches. Everyone experiences times when life can be difficult and painful. If you are going through a hard time, therapy can offer you the support, comfort and guidance you need to change your life for the better.

I am here to help.

I truly believe that within every individual there lies the potential to live a happy, full life. A life where one can be present in each moment. Every person can move past obstacles to make meaningful changes for the better. However, working through these obstacles can be a difficult and uncomfortable process. Psychotherapy is a tool that can help along your journey.

A bit about me.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am passionate about working with clients to help them achieve their personal goals. I do what I do because I believe that the therapeutic process can bring about greater self-awareness and authentic, lasting change.

I provide counseling for adults, couples, families and children and adolescents. I serve the Eastside communities of Los Angeles; Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Atwater Village and surrounding areas.

Areas of focus include: anxiety & stress management; work, creativity & procrastination; LGBTQ; quarter life crisis & young adult issues; depression & mood swings; postpartum depression & new parents; teen issues; family conflicts; parenting; understanding & communicating with your teen; alcohol or drug use becoming an issue; couples counseling; eating disorders; grief & loss

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