Kids/ Teens

Is your child facing a difficult issue and you don't have the answer? Is your teen's behavior confusing and distressing?

It can be hard to watch your child or teen suffer emotional distress. I work closely with the parent/caregiver to provide practical solutions and to support the family as a whole.

Younger children often do not have the tools or the emotional maturity to express themselves verbally. My approach involves using games, art and play therapies.

For teens, therapy provides a safe space to explore their feelings and talk about the challenges in their life. I can help your teen have a deeper understanding of the behaviors in his/her life that are not working, and help him/her uncover a sense of authenticity. This often leads to improved communication within the family, more confidence in interactions with peers and better grades at school.

Common issues include: phobias, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, depression, trauma, family issues/divorce, peer relationships, ADHD, eating disorders/body image, gender identity, LGBTQ, self-harm, addiction, sexuality