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Christina DeCoux, LMFT, founder

Individual and Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

Hello and welcome!

You deserve to feel connected to yourself, your partner(s) and the world around you. My associates and I offer warm, somatic psychotherapy to help you build the life and relationships you want. 


People come to therapy to address various issues in their lives. They may be going through a major life transition or feel stuck in their work life or their relationships. We help by providing a safe space to explore all parts of yourself. By using a somatic and mindful approach, we can help you to change habitual patterns that are no longer serving you.

Our Therapists

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Christina DeCoux



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Ally Sachs

Associate MFT

Adi Tur-Kaspa

Adi Tur-Kaspa

Associate PCC

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Our Therapy Services & Specialties

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